What is a communication platform as a service?

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What is a communication platform as a service?
What is a communication platform as a service?

Customers today expect a connection that is consistent, highly personalized, always available, flexible, and accessible enough to cross many channels. The Communications as a Service (CPaaS) platform provides a cost-effective and flexible way to meet these customer requirements in an ever-evolving business environment.

CPaaS is a cloud-based delivery model that enables organizations to embed real-time communication features into business applications, using APIs. These real-time communication capabilities include video, audio, messaging, and verification.

CPaaS enables developers to add real-time communication functionality to existing enterprise business applications. Third-party CPaaS services provide in-house developer tools to integrate connectivity capabilities. CPaaS, as a cloud computing service, allows organizations to add these capabilities without investing in building their own back-end infrastructures.

Types of CPaaS Providers

CPaaS providers can be classified into the following categories:

pure sellers

Pure-play sellers are the most established providers in the CPaaS market; They provide services that go beyond basic messaging and voice APIs (application programming interfaces). These services feature additional communication channels, extended modules, and APIs. These solutions provide more comprehensive tools for development teams. They include Twilio, Plivo, and Sinch among others.

Specialize in SMS, Personal App, Person to App

These providers have expanded beyond their respective fields and into the evolving CPaaS marketplace. They provide relatively emergency services either as various standardized services or service offerings in early stages. Kalerya and Soprano Design are examples of such vendors.

Traditional Enterprise Communications Sellers

These vendors provide services resulting from the creation and enhancement of existing communications solutions in CPaaS products. They include Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and Avaya.

Telecom service providers

Organizations with competitive advantages such as advanced network capabilities dominate this category. Businesses with advanced networking capabilities can offer specialized services, from a dedicated customer support team to advanced features customized for their customers.

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